LandiLab welcomes new graduate student, Meaghan Perdue

Meaghan Perdue

Meaghan Perdue, a new Ph.D student in Developmental Psychology, will be joining the lab this fall semester as well as the IGERT program as a fellow. She comes to us most recently from Dr. Nadine Gaab’s lab at Boston Children’s Hospital. Meaghan has experience studying both typical and atypical early reading development using multiple methods. For more info on her, see our people page. The Landi lab enthusiastically welcomes Meaghan!

Dr. Landi presents at SSSR 2016

Many friendly faces at SSSR!

Nicole presented a poster at this year’s SSSR meeting. See below for the citation.

Hudson, N.S., Landi, N., & Cutting, L.E. (2016, July). Word Learning in Good and Poor Comprehenders: Evidence of a Specific Reading Comprehension Deficit Profile. Poster session presented at the 23rd Annual Society for the Scientific Study of Reading Meeting, Porto, Portugal.

LandiLab presents at UConn Language Festival

Many members of the LandiLab presented at this year’s UConn Language Festival. Kayleigh presented a poster on the definition of poor comprehenders, Sam and Cassandra presented a poster about the audio-visual integration of speech in autism spectrum disorder, and Mubu, Shahmeen, and Vipra presented a poster examining a novel paradigm for investigating concept learning in poor comprehenders.

LandiLab presents at Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Kayleigh and Kaja both presented posters at the 23rd annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society held in New York City on April 2-5.

Kayleigh’s poster: Individual differences in activation and functional connectivity across modality and processing level

Kaja’s poster: The BDNF Val66Met Polymorphism is Associated with Structure and Function in the Developing Brain with Implications for Children’s Cognitive Abilities

LandiLab presents at Society for Neurobiology of Language

Kayleigh and Nicole with poster Olivia presenting her poster

Nicole, Kayleigh, and Olivia presented posters at the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language in Chicago, IL, along with many colleagues from Haskins and UConn.

Nicole’s poster: Neural Evidence for Cortical Consolidation After a Period of Offline Sleep

Olivia’s poster: N300 and P300 Responses are Associated with Reading Ability in Children

Kayleigh’s poster: Reading Comprehension Ability and Semantic Activation to Single Words and Discourse: An fMRI Partial Least Squares Analysis