Events + Photos

See below for some of our recent activities!

SNL, August 2019

Meaghan presents at SNL in Helsinki.

SSSR, July 2019

LandiLab members gathered with friends from the Gaab Lab, MIT, University of Delaware, and Northwestern University to celebrate a successful symposium at SSSR in Toronto.

Meaghan and Kaja present their symposium talks.

Language Fest, April 2019

Vidya and Arun present a poster at UConn’s 10th annual Language Fest.

Brain Day, March 2019

Meaghan visited Center Nursery School in South Hadley, MA to teach the preschoolers about the brain and play some brain games.

SSSR, July 2018

Nicole, Chuck, Anne, Anne & Jean-Francois in Brighton.

TDF, June 2018

Nicole and Kaja at the reception.

Nicole braving some wilderness in Drakensberg.

SSSR, July 2017

Kayleigh in Halifax
Kayleigh in Halifax.

Kayleigh and Meaghan in a park in Halifax.

 Emily Baron’s send off, July 2016

Goodbye to Emily Baron
Emily’s send-off celebration at BAR.

More friends and colleagues.

 SSSR, July 2016

Lots of familiar faces!

Nicole and Julia working late
Nicole and Julia ‘working’ late.

 Trey & Kaja’s celebration, May 2016

Trey and Kaja
Celebrating Trey’s PhD defense and Kaja’s new faculty position, May 2016

Haskins Global Summit, December 2015

Some lab members at the Haskins Global Summit
Lab members and colleagues at the Haskins Global Summit, December 2015