Haskins Laboratories

Haskins Laboratories is the one of the most prestigious locations for speech, hearing, reading and general language research. Haskins is an independent, international, multidisciplinary community of researchers representing the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, Asia and the Middle East; these collaborations have fostered research on a variety of spoken, written and signed languages. Dr. Landi’s position at Haskins includes the directorship of an EEG/ERP laboratory, behavioral testing space and a secondary analysis space that serves the entire lab’s EEG/ ERP needs. Dr. Landi’s lab space at the Haskins site houses multiple behavioral testing stations; a Net Station EEG/ERP acquisition and analysis system (Electrical Geodesics Inc.); a linked Eyelink 1000 eye tracking system (SR Research Inc.); as well as several analysis stations for EEG/ ERP and eye tracking data. The lab also shares multiple fMRI analysis stations for processing data collected at the Yale Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC).

Haskins History

Early Haskins Labs video about the Pattern Playback Machine