LandiLab Presents at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language 2020 Virtual Conference

Dan Kleinman, Nabin Koirala, Kelly Mahaffy & Meaghan Perdue presented posters at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language 2020 Virtual Conference. Check out the posters to learn about our recent findings about reading and neural markers of semantic processing (N400 ERP; Kleinman), white matter microstructure (Koirala), and our meta-analysis of fMRI studies of reading intervention (Perdue), with exploration of intervention duration effects (Mahaffy).




Meaghan Perdue wins 2020 Isabelle Y. Liberman Award

Congratulations graduate student, Meaghan Perdue on winning the 2020 Isabelle Y. Liberman Award!!

About the Isabelle Y. Liberman Award:

Isabelle Liberman, the late Professor of Educational Psychology at UConn, was a central figure in the cognitive science of reading.  Her discoveries on the key role of phonology in reading and dyslexia influenced a generation of researchers and changed the way that reading is taught to children, from an emphasis on visual recognition of print to an emphasis on the relation between letters and their sounds.  The Isabelle Liberman Award is intended to recognize and encourage young researchers who are investigating topics relating to Isabelle Liberman’s interests.  The award is given to a UConn graduate student based on a research paper, as well as past academic achievement and demonstrated potential for future professional accomplishments. Students from any academic department at the University of Connecticut are eligible. 


Perdue, M.V., Mednick, J., Pugh, K. & Landi, N. (in press). Gray matter structure is associated with reading skill in typically developing young readers. Cerebral Cortex.

Hailey Kissner wins award at Tri-County Science and Technology Fair

Hailey Kissner, a senior at Hendrick Hudson High School and student research mentee in the LandiLab, earned 3rd place honors in Social and Clinical Psychology at the Tri-County Science and Technology Fair, White Plains, NY, for her project “Examining Morphological Associations of the Visual System Related to the Reading Ability of Young Children.” Congratulations, Hailey, on this outstanding achievement!